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Where to devour the most delicious dumplings in Brisbane!

We can all agree that dumplings are indisputably the greatest little pockets of flavour known to man! To celebrate these tasty treats we have curated this list of where to find Brisbane’s best dumplings, because who doesn’t want to get their chopsticks (and mouths) around these delicious pillows of heaven?

HARAJUKU GYOZA – Southbank & Albert Lane

Harajuku Gyoza Vegetarian Gyoza
Enjoy Harajuku Gyoza’s most popular vegetarian plate – the vegetable gyoza.

Harajuku Gyoza is undoubtedly the Mecca of Brisbane dumplings! With two different Brisbane locations, you can suck down one (or 10) of their delicious dumplings on either side of the River. Try their famous grilled or poached pork gyoza or give their crispy fried mozzarella cheese gyoza a go! If you (somehow) have space for dessert, be sure to give their Nutella gyoza a try – Don’t forget to wash it down with a sake shot for the full Harajuku Gyoza experience!


If it’s authentic dumpling goodness that you want, then Sunnybank’s Golden Dumpling is where to get it. Golden Dumpling cannot be matched, simply choose your favourite fillings, then select how you would like them to be served, and watch your dumplings be delivered over a hot and sour soup. If you are stuck for choice, we recommend the chef’s special – pork, leek, and shrimp dumplings.

LITTLE RED DUMPLING – Various Locations

Little Red Dumpling Bar Dumpling
Our Little Red Dumpling pick: Pan-fried pork and chive dumplings

Delicious dumplings and a divine bar? Book us a table!
Little Red Dumpling has 9 different locations across Brisbane and serves some of the most authentic dumplings that this city has to offer! Offering both meat and vegetarian dumplings, either fried or steamed, this one is a guaranteed crowd favourite. Devour a plate of the chicken and prawn dumplings or treat yourself to our personal favourite, pork chive dumplings . Be sure to order the red chilli sauce for a flavour-packed dumpling dining experience!  

CHU THE PHAT – South Brisbane

A stunning, glass-enclosed 2-storey affair with a mouth-watering Asian-fusion menu and an endless list of killer cocktails – what’s not to love? This West End gem combines the best of Asia’s street cuisine, served up with a modern flair. Chu The Phat boasts the most delectable sweet corn and coriander dumplings along with a array of mouth-watering Asian classics. Looking to ball on a budget? Every Wednesday night you can grab yourself a plate of dumplings and your choice of a devilishly dry or sugary sweet martini for just $20 each. Dumplings and drinks in a life-size doll-house? It’s a yes from us!


Donna Chang pork soup dumplings
Donna Chang’s spicy pork xiao long bao, aka soup dumplings

Like a grand old world ballroom with a Hong Kong alley along one side, Donna Chang‘s focuses on Sichuan flavours and authentic Cantonese cuisine. This modern dining experience boasts a selection of handcrafted dumplings using a combination of creative flavours and fresh Australian produce. Enjoy a gourmet lunch time dim sum menu featuring prawn har gow, pork and garlic chive dumplings with black bean and crispy chilli, served up with Donna Chang’s signature hot sauce. Don’t forget to select a tipple from the 100-bottle wine list as you dine under the 2 storey ornate ceilings and exquisite chandeliers. Dumplings at Donna Chang’s is a fine dining experience like no other.

BAMBOO BASKET- South Bank & Portside

Bamboo Basket is here to make all of your dumpling dreams come true with their comprehensive dim sum menu. Wrap your chopsticks around their roast duck dumplings, pan-fried pork dumplings or their steamed vegetable buns. You won’t want to stop chowing down on these flavoursome bites even after the food coma has well and truly hit!

FAT DUMPLING – Bowen Hills

Fat Dumpling Bar table spread
Fat Dumpling offers a wide range of options, so be sure to arrive with a big group and an even bigger appetite!

The delightful little parcels of happiness at King Street’s, Fat Dumpling, are hand-made daily and absolutely bursting with flavour. As expected, Fat Dumpling Bar offers poached, steamed, and fried dumpling options. Crowd favourites include the; beef, tomato and celery, pork and Chinese cabbage, and classic vegetarian dumplings. We recommend that you shout yourself a plate of their iconic sweet lava dumplings for dessert. With so many tantalising options on the menu, be sure to arrive with a seriously big group and an even seriously bigger appetite.

UMAMI – Fortitude Valley

Umami black truffle dumplings
These silky pillows of heaven are Umami’s black truffle dumlings

Umami injects modern flair into traditional fare with an even more wildly imaginative cocktail list to complement their too-good-to-say-no menu. The flavour is in the name at this ultra indulgent restaurant. Umami, the Japanese word to describe the savoury taste of broths and cooked meats, is one of the five flavour tastes (together with sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness) and this menu delivers exactly that! Experience the ‘fifth taste’ with Umami’s black truffle prawn dumplings paired with one of the venue’s iconic teapot cocktails. With some of the richest dumpling flavours in town – wild mushroom, pork and chive, and pork and prawn – you will certainly want to add this chic venue to your dumping degustation list.


From their humble beginnings serving dumplings out of the small Wandering Cook’s kitchen, Wow Dumpling now has opened their very own kitchen in West End. Wow Dumpling is serving up all of their crowd favourite classics in addition to a rotating selection of new flavours to tantalise your tastebuds. From barramundi to curry chicken dumplings and everything in between, these guys truly know how to experiment with flavour for the perfect dumpling experience!


New Shanghai dumplings
We can’t get enough of New Shangahi’s selection of crisp-bottomed pan-fried dumplings

Located in the last place that you would expect to find an authentic dumpling experience, tucked into a basement food court across from a Coles Supermarket, is where you will find New Shanghai. Transport yourself into a traditional Hong Kong tea house, as you watch New Shanghai’s dumpling masters work their magic as they hand roll, stuff, and pleat their wide range of delicious dumplings. Tuck into a selection of crisp-bottomed pan-fried dumplings or nosh on their specially curated menu of flavoursome Chinese dishes. While the queue may be long, it does move quickly! However, if you are looking for dumplings on the dash, there is a New Shanghai Express takeaway window nearby. 

Looking to find more of Brisbane’s best Asian eats? Look no further than Yum Cha Sundays at Stanley!

Ashleigh Holland
From Townsville, to Mackay, and now located in Brisbane, Ashleigh is the poster girl for the Queensland life-style; an avid beach-goer, water-sport enthusiast, wine aficionado, and camping queen. After catching the writing bug at an early age she has since lived in Bali for an extensive journalism program, studied a bachelor of Mass Communications, and contributed to a variety of lifestyle publications over the years. And she will take a soy flat white to go, thanks!

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