What Are Brisbane’s Best Chefs Really Eating? Massimo Speroni

Massimo Speroni Bacchus Restaurant chef by Dan Fidler

Massimo Speroni, Bacchus Restaurant’s Head Chef, South Bank

In this ongoing series, Brisbane’s favourite chefs dish up their own dining deets for MyBrisbane readers.  Where do they eat out? What do they recommend? What do they cook at home? And what secrets from their own menus are they willing to share with us?  Dan Fidler investigates.

Back in 2017 fine dining specialist Chef Massimo Speroni arrived to head the Bacchus Restaurant kitchen at Rydges South Bank, one of Brisbane’s finest dining experiences.

At the time Massimo made a big splash in our not-so-little-anymore culinary pond but since then he’s been busy raising the stakes (and steaks) with signature à la carte creations, acclaimed and seasonal degustations and an inspired haute culinary series which invites some of the world’s best chefs to Bacchus kitchen collabs. The annual event has allowed local epicureans to try some of the world’s most famed dishes, without the airfare usually required.

The narrative about Massimo has always been about what goes on behind the pass. Let’s change that.

When you’re not at work, where’s your favourite place to eat out?

I usually go for lunch at New Farm Deli where there is plenty of options for salumi (cold cuts), cheese and wine which I am in love with, also Enoteca in Woolloongabba for a nice pasta and wine choice.

Recommended dish?

I never go out to a restaurant for just one dish. Whether it’s high or low profile, for me, going to a restaurant means going for an experience.

What do you cook for yourself at home when you’re tired or rushed?

I am lucky enough that my wife cooks most of the time. There’s always something to eat when I return home from work.

When I cook for myself at home, I go really simple such as bruschetta with tomato, mozzarella and prosciutto. Usually on my days off I’ll cook a plate of pasta for myself which can be a crudaiola, carbonara, trofie with basil pesto or spaghetti al pomodoro.

What’s the best bang for buck dish on the Bacchus menu right now?

If someone wants to come to Bacchus for just for one dish I would suggest the scotch fillet 3+ from Rangers Valley. For price, size and quality it’s the best option to have a meal and go.

What should we absolutely try at Bacchus?

The Discovery Experience, for sure. It’s a new degustation I’ve designed, alongside with my team, to allow our guests to taste, enjoy and experience almost 28 different elements/dishes. This menu has been inspired by our a la carte dishes and uses mostly Australian and local products which are difficult to find such as crocodile, emu, goat..

The Discovery Experience delivers the full Bacchus experience in one menu and showcases what we do best.


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