This Exhibition Celebrates Over 200 Years of Brisbane Art & Culture

making place museum of brisbane exhibition

A new exhibition has arrived at the Museum of Brisbane that looks at our River City through a new lens. Meet Making Place: 100 Views Of Brisbane.

The exhibition, opened Saturday 26 March showcases art that documents our changing city. The works are by multiple artists and span over 200 years of our city’s iconic history. 

In addition to the art pieces, MoB commissioned an immersive sound artwork by Lawrence English, a local Brisbane composer, which can be heard throughout the exhibit.

“Making Place poses the question ‘What makes a place?’. Through these artworks, we discuss what sites are significant for individuals and communities, how will the characteristic landmarks of the city today look in the future, and do memories make a place?” said MoB Director and CEO, Renai Grace.

Artworks on display are from artists including Judy Watson, Richard Randall, Noel McKenna, William Bustard, Vida Lahey, Jane Grealy, Danie Mellor, Kenneth Jack, Sam Fulbrook, Charles Lancaster, Robert Brownhall, Margaret Olley, Stephen Nothling, Margaret Cilento, Lloyd Rees, Paul Davies, Mia Boe and more.

The exhibition delves into some of our darker history too. Colonisation and development have had a massive impact on the environment. In an installation by artist Jenna Lee, the historical and ongoing impacts of both are explored.
The exhibition itself is free. Head to for more information