Get green with goodness this summer as Greenstreat opens its first health store on 262 Adelaide Street right in the heart of Brisbane. Feeling that impending desire to get healthy this holiday but lacking the resources to do it? Well, you’re in luck because Greenstreat is rumoured to be the next big thing – and it’s called healthy fast food!

Drawing inspiration from their parent’s food company, McGrath Fine Foods, brothers Jackson and Jesse McGrath have begun their own unique and thriving food venture in the market of healthy fast food. Born in Albury NSW and raised as workers in the family business, the boys noticed a concerning lack of readily available, healthy food options. Desiring to close the gap between fast food and health, the boys set out to create ‘Greenstreat’ – a food company designed to provide ‘satisfying and sustainable fast food’ for consumers.

Brothers Jesse McGrath & Jackson McGrath
Brothers Jesse McGrath & Jackson McGrath

Since making its debut in Albury in 2018, Greenstreat became a serious health hit. They say fuel for the body is fuel for the mind, and that is exactly what the McGrath boys set out to achieve with their new foodie venture. As small town boys – they desired to make the transition from ‘farm to plate’ as seamless and transparent as possible – a move that supported not only local growers and farmers, but the idea of health and lifestyle as central to a community.

Brother Jackson highlights the importance of freshness, quality, and transparency as central to the success of a food industry. “Ultimately, our goal is to change the way people think about food, and how they choose and eat it.  We want to provide nourishing food that’s full of flavour and completely accessible, whilst supporting local whenever possible”.

Mexicado Greens Pesto Market
Mexicado Green & Pesto Market

The menu will feature 13 deliciously healthy, fast food salad options ranging from just $12.50 to $14.90. The speciality salad offering changes seasonally, so you’ll have access to unique nutritious, customisable (yes you can chop and change!) and convenient fast food every month! Choose one of the 13 options and enjoy it in the form of a bowl or burrito – depending on just how ‘healthy’ you’re feeling! Featuring mouth-watering cultural delights like the ‘Thai Hard’ or the ‘Pesto Market Salad’, you’ll be overwhelmed with the taste and choice. With every meal jam-packed with fresh veg, proteins and herbs, you’ll consume your daily health fix in just one meal!

Oh, and don’t worry about your food being bland or underwhelming, because Greenstreat offers 11 specialty sauces such as senior Chef McGrath’s famous Poppy Seed sauce which will spruce up your meal like no other.

With such an insane amount of choice and goodness and now open weekends from 10am-5pm, we see no reason not to try this awesome new phenomenon of fun and nutritious, fast food! So go on, get healthy. Get green with Greenstreat this summer!


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