Enjoy a Saturday evening banquet while raising funds for bushfire relief

Nostimo Bushfire Relief Banquet

The recent Australian bushfires have ravaged the country for several months, and in an effort to raise funds for those affected, Nostimo Restaurant Bar will host a four-course fundraiser banquet this Saturday evening.

Guests will receive a glass of Robert Oatley Aurelia sparkling on arrival and will enjoy four stunning courses presented by internationally acclaimed Greek chef David Tsirekas.

The first course will include tzatziki and split pea dip with bread, village salad and greekslaw.

The second course will include barbecued haloumi with pear and fig relish, crispy eggplant chips, spanakopita, fried calamari and salt cod croquettes.

The third course will include feta brined roasted chicken with braised beans and okra, fish plaki, gemista and roast chickpeas with horta.

And of course, dessert! Guests can indulge in either chocolate baklava with strawberry sorbet or grilled peach with Ouzo granita in an alternative drop dessert.

If you are a fan of delicious Mediterranean food, this banquet is a must! We’re not sure about you, but this menu already has us salivating.

There will also be live Greek music, special guest appearances, a silent auction and a raffle on the evening.

Tickets are priced at $120 per person, with 100% of profits being donated to the Greek Orthodox Fire Appeal and the Australian Red Cross bushfire appeal.

This Saturday evening, you’re guaranteed to leave the Nostimo Bushfire Relief Banquet with a full stomach and heart.

You can book by visiting dinnerforaus.eventbrite.com.au.

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