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Dine-In-Tin: a boxful of Brisbane dine-out inspo, with discounts

What if we told you there’s a new way to get your Brisbane dining tab down? Great right? Perfect for right now. What if we also told you it isn’t more of those easily forgotten, app-based vouchers that just collect digital dust? This is a boxful of Brisbane dine-out inspo, with discounts, that you can hold in your hand.

Dine-In-Tin is a brand new, Brisbane only (so far), concept that aims to put bums back on seats in Brisbane’s latest and greatest eating establishments. It comes in a cool steel tin and has been thoughtfully created by bonafide food lovers/discount hunters Hilary Martin and Jasmin Fuller. The co-founders’ love of the Brisbane dining scene is apparent when you hold the finished product in your hand.

As the name suggests, the palm sized tin comes stuffed full with $200 worth of incentive to get back out there and support the Brisbane scene. Costing just $35 to buy, inside there are $10 vouchers to 20 featured restaurants. It’s a curated list – a gastronomic to-do – of some of the freshest and finest places around town.

A gastronomic to-do, with discounts

“Jasmin and I have eaten out a lot in the last few years. We were so excited to watch the Brisbane food scene moving towards that big-city dining scene like Sydney and Melbourne. But then, everything closed with the pandemic. So, with Dine-In-Tin we’re helping to reinvigorate the growth we were seeing before,” Co-creator of Dine-In-Tin Hilary Martin said.

pasta and pizza on a table
Dine-In-Tin, casual or fancy, there’s something for everyone

“To create it, we went through all of the cuisines and chose our favourites. You’ve got 20 restaurants to choose from and it takes the effort our of choosing where to dine out.”

“We want Dine-In-Tin to act as a pocket guide to eating out in Brisbane. It’s a no-brainer really, $200 restaurant value in every tin for the small price of $35, you’d be crazy not to have a Dine-In-Tin.”

Zero cost to restaurants

Perhaps the best part is that for restaurants being part of Dine-In-Tin is zero cost, Hilary explained.

“Because we are suckers for restaurant vouchers, we came up with this idea that will have positive outcomes for restaurants. It’s about getting people back into restaurants. The only ongoing cost to the restaurants is the ten-dollar discount for diners,” Hilary said.

Buger and chips on table
Dine-In-Tin, discounts for the Brisbane’s freshest and fanciest

The full Dine-In-Tin list:
Corbett & Claude (CBD, Everton Plaza, Garden City)
Comuna Cantina (Everton Plaza)
Neesh Bar (East Brisbane)
One Fish Two Fish (Kangaroo Point)
Ping Pong (Gasworks)
Pizzantica (New Farm)
Streetcorner Jimmy (Teneriffe)
Ngon (Paddington)
Nom Nom Bao (Fortitude Valley)
Catchment Brewing Co. (West End)
Brew Cafe & Wine Bar (Lower Burnett Lane)
Botellon (Graceville)
Naim (Paddington)
Miss Demeanour (CBD)
Ming Ming’s Kitchen (Wilston)
Hikari (Teneriffe)
Fat Dumpling (Fortitude Valley)
The Wolfe (East Brisbane)
Il Locale (Rosalie)
Il Verde (Bowen Hills)

“We started Dine-In-Tin as a way to help Brisbane’s local restaurants, but it has grown into so much more. It’s is now all about introducing our customers to the best spots around town” Hilary said.

Whether you are after Asian, Mexican, Spanish, something fancy or something casual, or even just a couple of beers, Dine-In-Tin has it all. Available now, Dine-In-Tin gives you 20 more reasons to support and explore Brisbane’s amazing restaurant scene.


Need more convincing? Josh Lopez’s the Wolfe and East Brisbane’s Neesh Bar are featured in Brisbane’s Dine-In-Tin.

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