Chasing the thrill? Here is a guide for Brisbane’s ultimate dare-devils

Your days off are lacking something. You’re searching for adventure. The most thrilling thing you’ve experienced in decades is the release of Game of Thrones. Something a little less fiction and a little more… real? No, UNREAL. Well, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a guide for all those thrill-seekers out there. Best you gear up, because you’re in for the ride of your life.

Skydive Australia – Brisbane

Ever dreamt of flying? Of dropping from a plane at a whopping 200km/hr for 60 seconds? Nothing says sky-high thrill like a 15,000ft dive from a moving plane… right? Enjoy stunning views of Brisbane, Moreton Bay and the Glasshouse Mountains as you revel in the beauty that is the greater Brisbane region while free falling from a plane. Expose your inner daredevil and forget your limits, because this will definitely break through your comfort zone. Guaranteeing some of Australia’s most spectacular views, we see no reason not to take the jump! And at the end of your free fall, you get to float under the canopy for between five and seven minutes while you enjoy first class views of stunning Brisbane and Far North Queensland. It’s time to rally up your daredevil friends because Skydive Australia is offering discounted deals for groups of four or eight! Now this is an experience of a lifetime.

Abseil down Kangaroo Point Cliffs

BrisbaneGirlsAbroad - Hannah abseiling down Kangaroo Point Cliffs
@BrisbaneGirlsAbroad – Hannah abseiling down Kangaroo Point Cliffs

If you’re really looking to test your limits, this is a must-do for anybody ready to face their fears. With no experience needed, you can learn to abseil down Kangaroo Point Cliffs while you challenge your inner daredevil and experience Brisbane from new heights. Enjoy an adventure of a lifetime abseiling down the 20 meter high cliffs with uninterrupted, picturesque views. Each session will include full instruction from the qualified and experienced instructors, a safety briefing and equipment will be provided. Don’t forget to wear some comfortable clothes and closed in shoes and bring along water and sunscreen!

Story Bridge Adventure Climb

Looking for something that will test your limits a little more than a run-of-the-mill mountain climb? Well, we’ve got the answer. The Story Bridge adventure climb is guaranteed to have you reach your peak! Enjoy 360-degree views of Brisbane’s city skyline, the Glass House Mountains and Moreton Bay as you climb the iconic Story Bridge. If you’re in need of a higher dosage of thrill, why not add abseiling or the new Cantilever Lean Out or Walk the Plank experiences to really test the daredevil in you? Plus, you get to choose what time of the day to climb, depending on the experience you’re searching for. A shared romantic adventure? A solo challenge? A losing hand in truth or dare? Or simply just a shimmering city view to light up your night. Do it, we dare you.

V8 Race Experience – Willowbank

Forget your two cylinder wagons because you’re about to experience real race royalty. Jump in a Holden or Ford V8 and take a spin around the Queensland Raceway in Willowbank for a thrill of a lifetime! With a range of experiences on offer, you can choose between a six and nine lap V8 race experience. If that’s not enough to rev your engine, you can even add three ‘backseat hot laps’ for an extra charge. Adrenaline junkies, be warned, this experience is not for the faint hearted. Oh, and seeing as there are no limits on speed or overtaking, we expect to see our finest Brisbane thrill-seekers at the starting line. Ready. Set. BROOM BROOM!

Scenic Helicopter Flight

We know what you’re thinking ladies… a helicopter ride over the city on a stunning summer’s day, what could be more Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey than that?! Sit back, relax, and enjoy a 20-minute helicopter flight over Brisbane as you experience a birds-eye-view of the city’s architecture. With unforgettable city views from sky-high, you will make memories you are sure to never forget. Oh, and don’t forget your seat belts because you’ll need to brace yourself for this adventure!

Treetop Challenge Mount Tamborine

It’s time to bring out your inner Tarzan because you’re about to become king of the jungle! Take a road trip to Mount Tamborine for an unforgettable adventure among the trees in this TreeTop Challenge. With a whopping 120 TreeTop activities on offer and ten incredible zip-lines, you’ll feel on top of the world… literally. Holding the title for Australia’s largest TreeTop Adventure Park, you’re guaranteed to experience unworldly thrills as you challenge your fears in the very best way possible. And if your daredevil fantasies are still not satisfied, the course offers more daring experiences varying in complexities. Catch you in the treetops!

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