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Calling All Harry Potter Fans: It’s Time To Put Your Knowledge To The Test

Trivia, Quidditch and Butterbeer. Is there a better way to spend a Thursday night?

Everyone loves a good ol’ trivia night to break up the working week, and this one is too good to miss. Whether you’re a downright Harry Potter book nerd or you just enjoy watching the movies every now and then, this trivia is the one for you.

Tomorrow night, The Boundary Hotel’s outdoor area will fill with Harry Potter fans ready to test their knowledge in the Harry Potter themed trivia event. And with questions spanning the entire series, you’ll want to pick your team wisely!

Trivia, Quidditch and Butterbeer? Yes please!

What’s a Harry Potter themed trivia night without some friendly Quidditch? Yep, that’s right. In addition to the trivia, there will even be mini games like Quidditch and treasure hunts too, just to make it feel like the ultimate Hogwarts experience!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get better, if you’re feeling a little parched, you can even head to the bar and order yourself a Butterbeer or Firewhiskey! If you’re after some food to keep your belly full while you test your trivia knowledge, you can also jump in on Steak Night with 49% off selected steaks.

So, rally up all the Potterheads you know for the ultimate Harry Potter trivia which will kick off tomorrow night at 7pm. With the House Cup and other awesome prizes up for grabs, you’ll want to make sure you pick your team wisely!

To secure a seat, you can register online.

COVID-19 Update March 18: The Boundary’s outdoor area can hold gatherings of up to 500 people, so tomorrow night’s Harry Potter trivia is set to go ahead. Guests will have plenty of space to sit and move around in The Backyard.


What: Harry Potter Trivia
When: Thursday, March 19, from 7pm
Where: The Boundary Hotel, West End
Cost: Gold coin entry per player, free registration online.

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