Brisbane’s Best Laneways And What Makes Them Worth A Visit

Brisbane’s expanding social spaces have become even more attractive with the growth of our laneway choices! And it’s not slowing down. For for those savvy Brisbanites, you’ll know a new laneway is now currently under construction on Elizabeth Street – the ever alluring and private Ulster Lane. All around town, laneways are becoming the place to be. So, we’ve compiled a list of Brisbane’s best to help you find those sneaky spaces (both new and old).

Winn Lane – Fortitude Valley

Photo credit: @archi.taste.ture

Speaking of sneaky, Winn Lane is the kind of place you only hear of through a friend of a friend. Tucked behind ‘The Zoo’ on Ann Street, Winn Lane used to be the classic suitcase rummage spot. Now, it’s home to some of Brisbane’s most talented artists and entrepreneurs. From the craftsmanship of Jess Blak’s jewellery and home goods to the insane illustrations and clothing pieces you’ll find at Phoebe Paradise’s, this tucked away lane is guaranteed to offer something you’ve never seen before. And if you’re feeling peckish, Ben’s Burger’s is open seven days a week!

California Lane – Fortitude Valley

California Lane Fortitude Valley
Photo credit: @markusravik

If you’re after a place that boasts those sweet summer vibes, look no further. California Lane is the perfect place to kick back with a fruity cocktail in hand as you gaze longingly into some beautiful storefront windows. You’ll find some of these delicious drinks at ‘The Stand’ – a cocktail dessert bar with some of the loveliest mixologists in town. If you’re in the mood for a caffeine hit, perhaps you’d prefer to sit down at Reverend’s Fine Coffee and indulge in delicious fresh bagels while sipping on a hot cup of coffee. After you’ve enjoyed a drink of your choice, stroll through and have a peek into the niche stores that line the lane – all filled with a range of handmade goodies, so go ahead and support a local artist or two. 

Eagle Lane – Brisbane City

Photo credit: Kgbo / CC BY-SA

Eagle Lane is where those who live in the city come out and play. It is home to some incredible pop-up gigs by local talent and artistic installations too, so come grab a beer or wine (or both) from the Brooklyn Standard bar and watch the show. If you’re after a bit of a weekday caffeine pick-me-up, pop into The Coop Espresso Bar! This is definitely a laneway you want to venture down on your next city adventure.

Burnett Lane – Brisbane City

Death By Taxes located on Burnett Lane
Photo credit: Death By Taxes

Burnett Lane could quite easily be dubbed the most classic laneway in terms of aesthetic, with both walls tagged with beautiful artwork and stickers from decades back. The punk-esque vibe Burnett Lane gives off is only intensified by its brilliant range of back room bars. ‘Super Whatnot’ has an insane collection of crafted cocktails you didn’t know you needed in your life, and don’t get us started on Death & Taxes. This new kid in the lane has already won both accredited awards and our hearts with its speakeasy look. It really is the definition of back room bar! If you’re after something more relaxed, a wide variety of asian styled restaurants dot the lane as the smell of spices and herbs fill the air around you. You’ll definitely want to check them all out for the full Burnett Lane experience.

Fish Lane – South Brisbane

Photo credit: Explore Fish Lane

Fish Lane (once known as Soda Lane) has become the bridge between South Bank and West End. A project designed to bind these two distinct areas has truly taken on a culture of its own. With restaurants like ‘Chu The Phat’, featuring an incredible selection of pan-Asian street food, you can’t go wrong! Plus, if you’re after a location for your next Instagram post, look no further. Art installations surround you, with walls covered in stunning artwork by local talent. Fish Lane has truly become a place where cultures combine and art and food mix to creating daring new flavours. If you haven’t popped by, you’re missing out.

Bakery Lane – Fortitude Valley

Photo credit: @jessiet_jt

Bakery Lane always manages to make you feel right at home. Its circular design is wrapped with storefronts all brightly lit, showcasing all sorts of goodies, from imported art at ‘Urban Gallery’ to vintage records at ‘Phase 4’. If you smell something sugary, it might just be the bakers at Cakes & Sh*t, and their colourfully worded treats. But if you’re interested in something meatier, Johnny’s Pizzeria is definitely one to check out. They have a famous selection of legendary pizzas that will satisfy even the biggest pizza critic. Whether you’re in the mood for take-out or a three course meal, Bakery Lane has got you covered.

Gresham Lane – Brisbane City

Photo credit: Red Hook Brisbane

Gresham Lane is where the corporates chill out. Just off Queen Street, this laneway is a hotspot for many of the corporate workers who occupy the surrounding towers. It is filled with cafes and burger joints (such as the delicious Red Hook), guaranteed to brighten up even the most mundane Monday. At its entrance stands the ever impressive hotel/bar known simply as The Gresham. Some of the city’s most talented mixologists have worked behind those walls, and they always have something new to try.

Albert Lane – Brisbane City

Impossible to miss, Albert Lane is no hidden secret in Brisbane. The enormous stretch of pavement and asphalt is home to some of the worlds most beloved brands such as Nike and Starbucks. While some laneways revel in their intimacy, Albert Lane is all about open spaces and simply enjoying the inner-city lifestyle. If you’re in the mood to sit down and ‘people watch’, why not find a spot at one of the many cafes that dot the lane? If you’re after a recommendation, Cafe Mondial is a hit with the locals. As our new-world city begins to grow more spectacular as the days pass, so does our reputation. And it seems everyone wants a slice of Albert Lane.

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